AirStash A02 Software Update

The current version of the AirStash A02 software is 2.0.1. To check the version of your AirStash software, connect to your AirStash by following the instructions in the Quick Start Guide, then choose "Settings" and tap the "About" button.

The latest version of the AirStash software is recommended for all customers as it improves the performance and compatibility of your AirStash.

Download AirStash Update (Version 2.0.1)

What's New?

Installation instructions

During an update, AirStash must not turn off due to power loss or the update may permanently damage the AirStash unit. To prevent this issue, please make sure AirStash is fully charged and do not disturb the AirStash unit until the update is complete.

  1. Insert a memory card into your AirStash
  2. Connect your AirStash to a computer
  3. Drag the update file onto the AirStash, making sure to put it in the root or main directory and not in a subfolder
  4. Tell your computer to eject the AirStash (on a Windows computer, go to My Computer, right click on the AirStash drive, choose Eject. On a Mac, find the AirStash drive on your desktop and right click on it, then choose eject). Do not physically remove your AirStash from your computer.
  5. The update should begin automatically. This will be indicated by the Status Indicator rapidly flashing yellow and green. This process may take 1-2 minutes. Your AirStash will appear on your computer again when the update is complete. If the update process does not begin automatically within 15-20 seconds after you have ejected (step 4), be sure you have ejected the AirStash or done a "safely remove" operation, then disconnect the AirStash from the USB port and plug it in again.
  6. If the update completed successfully, the file will automatically be deleted from the AirStash.
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